Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

The weekend officially starts after 5 on Friday, right? And spending 30 minutes in Burlington Coat Factory plus 2 more hours at Sky Zone with a DJ playing really loud music waiting on 4 boys counts as a date night, right? That is what we did Friday knitting and listening to a book on tape, him reading his kindle...with some conversation thrown in and shaking of heads at tween/teen shenanigans.
Saturday there were practices, grocery store runs, dinner out plus some shopping. In between all that, I stole a few moments here and there to go through my piles of layouts and put them into albums. There were also plenty of kit and class layouts that just needed photos. Having a photo printer on hand made it easy to print what I needed to fill the photo spaces.
Sunday, we had an early morning hockey game, breakfast, mass, a walk and some more time in the scrap room.
I guess you could say it was a nice and relaxing weekend minus the coughing (me), grumpiness (kid that stayed up too late the nights before early hockey times), busy-ness (him) and puppy watching (other kid with no homework or anything pressing over the weekend).

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