Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ready for Copics?

I put this in my newsletter on Monday..."Another scrappy/crafty resolution of mine is to learn to use those Copic Markers I’ve been hearing/seeing so much of.  Only problem is they are pricey.  I can get them but have to buy in bulk.  Is anyone out there in the same boat as I am?  Want to start a copic collection but can’t afford to buy them all in one shot?  I propose we start a Copic Club.  I will choose a set of popular colors and every month, for six months, we buy a few colors.  By the end of the 6 months we should have a set of approximately 36 colors.  What say you?  Let me know if you’re willing to commit to 6 months and I’ll have some details for you by the end of the week."

Here are the details as promised. 
1.  Each month I will pick 6 colors to purchase and ship to you by the end of the month.
2.  Your cost will be $35.00 per month...this includes cost of markers, tax and shipping to you.
3.  This club will run for 6 are expected to commit for the entire 6 months.  If you quit in the middle...we'll all be short markers and that's just not nice :( 
4.  You will need to provide a credit card to be kept on file.  You can make a paypal payment instead if you choose, I'll still need the card on file.
5. We'll start in January and end in June.  At the end of the club, we'll each have 36 marker plus blender and case.
6.  These are the colors I'm proposing - see pic.  How did I choose them?  I did a search of which colors best to start with, communicated with an online instructor about colors for her class and came up with these.  Most colors are exact, some are close. 

7.  A bonus for signing up, I will include the colorless blender in your January shipment, retail cost $7.
8.  As a THANK YOU for sticking out the 6 months, I'll include the 36 marker case in your shipment at the end of the 6 months.

This month's colors are the skin tones and blush...E00, E02, E33, E35, E37 and R30 plus the colorless blender. You in?  If you are shoot me an email at and I'll send you a contract.  Can't wait to get the markers in hand so I can start!!!

ps.  Here's a link to a tutorial on coloring with copics.

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