Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January Scrappy News

Happy Chinese New Year!!!  Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!
I’ve got my first event of 2012 under my belt and am ready to roll.  Have you scrapped in the new year yet?  I managed to get 5 layouts done while I was at the crop and feel so accomplished.  Does anyone have any scrapbooking related resolutions?  I think I might have to shoot for a certain number of pages…5 layouts at a day crop…52 weekends in a year…200 layouts sound like a manageable number, no?  200 layouts a year it is.  Anyone want to join me?
I’m going to kick off my first newsletter of 2012 with a Bazzill Bulk Buy.  This year I’m going to tweak it a little…I find that I always need basic white and black so I’m going to add those colors to the buy.  You’ll receive 12 different colors, 5 sheets of each color per buy.  The cost of this buy is $25 (shipping to me and tax included).  I can hold and deliver to you at crops.  The deadline for this order is Friday, Jan 27th at noon.  The order will be in for RSC, Cool Crops Andover and the Westboro crop.  Email me if you’re interested.  Colors and more details are on my blog, HERE.  I am planning on running 4 buys this year…January, April, August and mid-October.
Another scrappy/crafty resolution of mine is to learn to use those Copic Markers I’ve been hearing/seeing so much of.  Only problem is they are pricey.  I can get them but have to buy in bulk.  Is anyone out there in the same boat as I am?  Want to start a copic collection but can’t afford to buy them all in one shot?  I propose we start a Copic Club.  I will choose a set of popular colors and every month, for six months, we buy a few colors.  By the end of the 6 months we should have a set of approximately 36 colors.  What say you?  Let me know if you’re willing to commit to 6 months and I’ll have some details for you by the end of the week.
Other things to consider...
Just Scrappin’ Day Crops
We have a brand new location for 2012…the Prindle Conference Center in Charlton, MA.  Crop fee is $40 for the day, meals included.  Prizes and Goodies too.  Crop dates are…
March 24, 2012
April 21, 2012
May 19, 2012
June 23, 2012
Email me if you have questions or would like to reserve a seat.
Upcoming Crops
Feb 2 to 5 – Ready Set Crop in Westminster, MA.
Feb 16 to 19 – Cool Crops Andover
Feb 24 to 26 – Beth n Theresa’s Crop in Westboro, MA.

Last but not least, Just Scrappin' Weekend in Westboro September 28 - 30...SAVE THE DATE!  Sign ups coming soon!
The rest of my schedule is up on the Upcoming Events page on my blog.

As always, if you're looking for something in particular, I'd be happy to help you locate it.  Have a wonderful day!

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