Wednesday, November 25, 2015

So Very Thankful

It's almost Thanksgiving and it's time for a Gratitude post. Combining posts means I get the rest of the week off from blogging, right?

I am Thankful for the great group of organizers I work with and for the wonderful customers/friends I meet at every single event. A special shout-out to the women I spent last weekend with at Cool Crops Hyannis. It was cold and blustery, yet every single one of them braved it for a group photo while I balanced on a chair.
I am Thankful for nice big vendor spaces and giant 8ft tables. It makes setting up so much easier...not sure if you can tell, it's always a little different at each event.
I am Thankful for my vendor family...the ones I hang out with on the weekends and rely on to split hotel bills. Also, to share breakfasts, lunches and dinners plus coffee runs. Couldn't do it without them. And especially for the ones that are willing partners in experiments with cool products...cough cough...White Mountain Laser. Dave had some time on his hands and he made beer mugs and bottles, I decided the foam needed a little something...Voila...puffy paint to the rescue ;)
I am Thankful for my customers new and returning (most are friends now) who put up with the crazy fire sales. Supporting me at events and participating in the online specials.
And most of all I am Thankful for my boys that help load and unload the car, help kit papers, and my husband who holds down the fort while I'm away.
Last but not least, I am Thankful for having a reliable vehicle to get me from point A to point B on a daily basis not just the long rides to events. Yesterday we dropped it off at the dealer and brought home a new ride. So super excited...fingers crossed everything fits, eh?

Last but not least, Thankful for a roof over our heads, heat and running water, food in the cupboards and our health. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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