Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up

How was your weekend? I chose to back out of attending Lexie's Retreat in Portland so I could watch this kid play in his final Flag Football Superbowl on Friday night. Sadly they lost but as the kid says, "At least I had a great play!"
It proved to be a light sports/activity weekend so this happened as well. 120 handmade/stamped cards. If you happen to be on the receiving list...don't judge. I have to admit, I am not very good at stamping...let's leave it as it's the thought and effort that counts, right?

There was also some time spent out here all decked out for a Christmas card photo shoot with a tripod. It was a long hike out to the perfect spot to find out that the batteries in my remote were dead. We used the timer function and then had to deal with a very fiesty uncooperative puppy...this picture tells the whole story...LMAO!
We then spent the afternoon at a car dealership...keep your fingers crossed for me...watched a very exciting Patriots game and finished the night with more card crafting.

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