Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up

Spent the weekend freezing at the ball field. We had to split up on Saturday since the boys both had games at the same time. Initially thought I would go watch J since his coach had told him he was the starting pitcher. Good thing I didn't since D, on his very first outing on a big field, was also a starting pitcher!!! And boy did he rock it on top of playing an inning at center field and catching 2 innings. J did great at his game too.
Hubby and I did sneak away for a dinner date without the boys. It's so nice to dress up and head out although our age is telling, we were home by 9pm more 8:30am start games on Sunday 😞
Sunday saw us at the field by 7:30am for a doubleheader. It was a cold one...why have  I never brought a sleeping bag to the field? It is the smartest idea I've ever come up with!!!
We took Diego with us and boy was he busy. Felt like I had brought a fully charged 2 year old to an open field. Walks and runs (D ran him on the football field) didn't tire him out enough to lay down and watch a game. We realized at the last and final inning, he just wanted his own chair. He jumped up into my chair, cuddled up into the sleeping bag and went to sleep. Seriously?
There's a crop next weekend and I will have cropping space (say what?) so I will be packing/planning for it tonight. Gotta get some time in the scrap cave one way or another!!!

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