Friday, April 24, 2015

I Am...

soaking in the sunshine and stopping to admire the crocus'.

checking my calendar twice but it still says baseball!

looking forward to a new to me event...Point Sebago crop next weekend.

knitting (still) a hat I started way back in February.

wanting a new sewing machine so I can quilt/sew again. My old machine is being super cranky.

sitting on a pile of packages that need to go out but can't quite get my act together, need to write in 1 card and add a few things to another.

making a list of layout kits to put together in the next few weeks.

loving  the family photos we took while at my in-laws over the holidays that I just finished editing

going on long walks with the puppy to tire him out and to meet my 10K steps daily goal

working on getting this blog back up again

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