Friday, June 13, 2014

Flashback Friday

Another new feature on my blog...flashback friday. This is when I'll post about past events or old layouts or anything I feel like reminiscing about. 

I'll start off my first flashback friday by going all the way back to the beginning of my business. All the way back to 2005 - because I found these pictures and also I get asked how long I've been doing this - to my very first open house. Look at the products I carried...I've come a long way from 4 trimmers, 3 albums, a few rub-ons, and just 3 panels of pegboard. I started by signing on as a consultant with a company called "I Remember When" and never looked back.
They closed their doors in 2009 and I went off on my own and have been since then. So how many years have I been in this business?...9 years total, 5 years on my own. I am happy to say I love this job of mine and am looking forward to many many more, after I take the summer off ;) 

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