Friday, February 26, 2010

AdornIt Challenge

Found this today and think it's a great idea. I would love to do this...anyone else doing this?

The challenge for February 2010! The theme is “Lucky Everyday.” Your challenge is to create a layout that shows what makes you lucky everyday. Use any title, colors, and supplies you’d like, but - HERE'S THE CHALLENGE - use the following elements somewhere on your layout.

Challenge requirements:

- Something with polka dots

- Ribbon that has been pleated or folded

- A journaling spot

When considering what’s lucky in your life, think about the little “dailies” that bring you joy. Maybe it’s the view out your back window, or someone’s goodbye kiss. Maybe it’s your favorite hobby or food or book.

As for the requirements, the polka dots can be on your papers or embellishments. By folded or pleated ribbon, I mean that as you add ribbon to your layout, pleat or fold it and secure it with glue, stitching, or staples, adding a fun dimensional effect. A journaling spot is a small round (or other shaped) spot with written or typed words that you adhere to your layout. You can use it as a title, sub-title, or journaling.

Here are the layouts I created for this month's challenge! Notice the polka dots, pleated ribbon and and journaling spots on each layout!

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