Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why do I scrapbook?

Found this gem hidden in my archives and thought I'd share. We're on winter break here so I'm taking a break from blogging as well. I'll be back to my regular schedule on Monday. Until then...

Why do I scrapbook?

Why do I scrapbook? Let me count the reasons.
It's not just something to help me pass the seasons!
Crafts and hobbies are not foreign to me
But "scrapping" is an addiction, you see!
It's so much more than cropping and matting -
It's being with friends, laughing and chatting!
It's a bond of preserving precious memories
Of our very special friends and families!

Some cardstock, mulberry & a pair of scissors
Oh what we can do with all those pictures!
With all the right tools, you'd just be amazed
At what we accomplish in a scrapping daze!
It's not JUST the pictures we want to preserve
The stories behind them need to be heard.
Journaling can be challenging for some,
But well worth the effort when done.

From cardstock and background paper we pick
Then of course you must have adhesive to stick!
Die cuts, stickers, and cut outs to embellish
And the vellum, fibers and eyelets we relish!
These pages we fill give us so much pleasure
Our families will have them for years to treasure.
I could go on and on and on to be sure
But that boredom you may not endure.
So this concludes my scrapping soap box
But man I'll tell you, this hobby rocks!!!


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