Monday, February 8, 2010

my Question of the Week

So I spent the weekend away at Theresa's Crop...thoroughly enjoyed myself scrapping, staying up late, dealing and working. Gotta love my job! Got home on Sunday afternoon, unloaded the car, laid down for a nap and then vegged in front of the TV watching the superbowl. Today, I slept in late (as late as I could with kids to get to school), cleaned house and feel as if I got run over by a truck. Is age catching up to me? I can't spend a weekend staying up late without feeling the consequences on Monday? So my question for you is...

"How long does it take for you to recuperate from a weekend crop?" Do you bounce back like it was just any other weekend? Or do you move at snail pace for days after?

A few pictures from the weekend to share...our fabulous hostesses plotting away on their "Let's Make a Deal" themed weekend.The gang and our winnings after almost getting "zonk-d" out! We won $19 each :)And me scrapping away :)

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