Monday, March 1, 2010

Paper Dolls

*scroll down for the QOTW*

I fell in love with both the cartridges when they first came out and have always had good intentions to use them but don't use them as often as I like. Yesterday, while trying to come up with an idea of a slumber party invite...I had a lightbulb moment...dug into my Everyday Paper Dolls cartridge and found the perfect paper doll. Check it out! The his sleeping bag.The guy pops out and there's the invite details. Cool huh? And this guy...he's going on my son's Baptism layout, in fact he's wearing the same outfit he wore! He's also going to be featured on a cool Baptism/1st Communion layout - debuting at Cool Crops Andover this weekend.My Question of the week..."What would you name this guy? What about the girl version?" Post your choices in the comments on this blog. If I pick the name you suggested, I'll send you the boy and the girl paper dolls.

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