Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekend Wrap-up

"A little bleary eyed this morning and maybe a little hoarse too. We held our breaths, I started knitting and watched the Patriots re-write Super Bowl history.
The boys were so hyped and I asked, "want to go get some new gear?" They were all in, and even though it was my idea to go, I traded kitchen clean-up duty with Jorge to take them. The line was out the door, freezing temps but what an experience. Now the debate begins on whether to hit the parade or not.
Before all this excitement...we celebrated a big academic achievement for Jori with sushi at his fave sushi place.
I watched a hockey game and missed a basketball game...happens when there are only 2 games on the schedule and both are at the same time.
And this crazy guy became a card carrying member of Barkbox's Destroyer Club...this toy lasted about 45 minutes. It was a duffel bag with two tennis balls inside. As you can see the bag is completely ripped apart and he even skinned and split one of the tennis balls. Shhh...don't tell him but I put the other one away for later, you know, when I'm busy and he's being a pill ;)

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