Friday, February 24, 2017

Random Friday

I don't always take my camera with me when I go to my boys' games. A few weeks ago, I did even though I had just gotten home from a weekend event. I can't tell you how glad I am that I did and that I captured this moment.

These are a couple of pics of our team's goalie. I hung out with his mom for most of the game and she mentioned that it was her birthday and she had half jokingly asked for a shutout from him. It was an intense game and we won 2-0, the first two periods of the game was scoreless. I was walking behind her out of the rink and saw him coming out and decided to start shooting. The look he gave her...oh be still my heart...I tear up every.single.time I look at these pictures! This is WHY I take photos and what I try to capture.

Don't mind me...I think I have something in my eye...sniff!

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