Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

A weekend of celebrating...celebrating a championship for Darin and his Bantam team - and a byproduct, the end of hockey season. Celebrating that this guy has his "Leave It" command 80% down. This pic kills me every single time I look at it...his expression LOL. I don't leave him long, I'm not that mean, but just enough to make sure he does have the self control not to eat the cookies. And I sneak him cookies on the side as a reward for ignoring the ones on his paws ;)
And because a friend posted on FB that she needed adult stickers and totally needed a pick-me-up, I threw these together for her. A little google, a little photo-shop, a circle punch plus my handy dandy sticker maker and I had a fun gift for her. 

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