Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

We had a quiet weekend...starting with breakfast and some shopping with DH who had a Friday off.
Back home this guy was up to mischief all day he's "hiding" because he stole his blanket from his crate and was trying to chew it up. He doesn't chew on it in his crate but outside of it, he does. Go figure!
Saturday we started the day in Chinatown for some dim sum and then headed to IKEA for a little light shopping. Picked up a few things but nothing major, we didn't have to strap any of the boys on the roof...hah! We ended the day at hockey for a playoff game. D and his team won and we are on to the championship game next weekend.
We spent a snowy sunday at home just relaxing and each doing their own thing in the morning. We did gather together for a movie and had to leave the house for CCD in the evening. All in all a great family weekend.

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