Friday, April 1, 2016

Fave Finds: Spring/Easter

Since I officially have spring fever...I am going to share some of my favorite Spring Finds. I have been bouncing between gardening, spring cleaning and don't mind if I bounce around a little here too.
I need to build one or two or ten of these little homes around my backyard.
Spilled flowers landscaped into my yard would be so much fun too.
And this spring, I will be expanding our little butterfly's so much fun to sit and watch them stop by for a visit.
And in between gardening and landscaping, I'll be spring cleaning! Starting with my Keurig!!!
Then onto our new front-loading washer...I'll start before it smells funky.
And these reusable swiffer duster cloths look easy enough to tackle with my finicky sewing machine.
Spring Cleaning and re-organizing go hand in hand so this list of 31 ways to organize with dollar store stuff will definitely come in handy.
I had to add in something scrappy so here is a list of FREE Spring fonts
Last but not least, some fun things to learn and explore this season...more for little kids but I'm sure I can get my boys to participate in a few on the list.


  1. Hey Siewleng,

    How is your Keurig holding up? I noticed you referenced a good tutorial. I just recently made a big graphic on the whole cleaning and descaling process ( How to Clean and Descale a Keurig) ). What do you think?

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