Friday, April 8, 2016

I Am...

~ watching Criminal Minds Beyond Borders and enjoying this new series
~ listening to a station called Explosions in the the instrumentals playing in the background so I can hear myself think
~ eating too many potato chips
~ drinking lots and lots of iced lemon water to stay hydrated and finding that I am less tired when I do get enough fluids
~ reading After You by Jojo Moyes
~ creating layout kits and in the process of putting together some gift baby's first year albums
~ thinking that there are too many projects I want to get to creating and how I am going to fit it all in
~ loving this selfie I took on Monday...I used the timer setting on my iphone, propped it up on the fire hydrant and walked away.

~ wanting to get out for a walk but it's pouring outside (as I write this on Thursday to stay ahead of blogging).
~ needing to get a newsletter out but totally unmotivated (shocking I know)...sorry...newsletter coming to your inbox soon ;)

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