Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up

It was nice to have a few weekends off from structured activities but it's now back to our normal weekend. Flag football games started this weekend and I can't believe how big my kid (and his team) looked compared to the other team. I remember when J started and I thought he was going get hurt since he was so small compared to the other team. Now the shoe is on the other foot!
Ice hockey also started back up this weekend with evaluations...a little practice on his own with his personal 4-legged defense-man helping out. Sitting in the cold rink waiting for the kid meant I got to pull out my knitting, a start to one of two baby boy blankets.
I wasn't kidding about my  kid getting big!
Sunday was also roll on your own sushi night...have you ever tried making your own sushi? It's a lot of prep work and quite messy but so much fun and it gets everyone together at the table for a nice chunk of time. In case you're wondering, we made avocado rolls, salmon avocado rolls, california rolls, spicy salmon rolls, mayo tuna rolls and spicy tuna mayo rolls.

How was your weekend?

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