Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up

We set off on Friday for Rochester NY for the annual La Familia 4th of July softball game. We went for the first time last year when the boys had a break from baseball and it was forecasted to rain all weekend here in MA. This year, their cousins started texting way back in May and the boys were insistent that we go again. Once we knew their schedules were clear, we decided to make the 6hr drive.
 Saturday morning, after breakfast, we got a call from a cousin that another cousin had bailed on a donut eating contest he signed up for AND if one of the boys would like to participate. D said "Why not!" and she said, "Get here ASAP. Contest starts in 15 minutes!" He had cold feet in the car and kept saying he was stuffed from breakfast. We told him to just participate and no problem if he only ate 1 donut. We got there and were told to eat as many as he could in 5 minutes, the rest he could take home. He had a tray of 24 fried cake donuts and cups of cider to wash it down. He was Antonio for the contest and that's the cousin's boyfriend next to him. Results: D ate 1, cousin's bf ate 4 and winner ate EIGHT!!! We took over 3 dozen donuts home to share with the rest of the family and they were delicious.
Group pic before the game...more showed up later while some left for work/other activities.
Epic paint war battle after the game and here are the cousins...they kept at it long after everyone gave up. Ages from left to right...soon to be 14, 13, soon to be 15, when they're so close in age.
Slip n Slide back at the house, bocce, corn hole, etc etc before heading over to another cousin's house to hang out before walking over to the river for fireworks. It's a carry your own chair/blanket affair and we were the ones sent over early to grab a spot. Our group tripled when the fireworks started.
It's so much fun to get to spend time with family. We're thinking this might be an annual trip for us. Hope your fourth was family & fun-filled too!!!

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