Friday, July 3, 2015

Fave Five

Just some random stuff I found on pinterest. This looks like an easy enough project...wonder if my boys would help me with it. Now that they're teens, craft projects with mom isn't quite so cool anymore.
Sea glass still my heart. I have a pile of sea glass in a jar from our time in the pacific and it would be awesome to make them into wearable jewelry. In my spare time, right?
And this sign...I'm thinking I need to make one for my store. Yes?
This! This made me almost spit out my coffee when I came across it. So super accurate especially the part about "what my mom thinks I do"...I think it should say "what my FAMILY thinks I do". No one quite gets it.
Someone once asked me if I got tired of scrapping baseball pics. My answer was it's not too bad, I just do a layout for each kid for each team they play for and when I started listing them...we just looked at each other and laughed. Seriously this year alone, Jori's album will have layouts for the three teams he's on plus All Stars. These Sports Page Titles will definitely come in handy.

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