Thursday, July 2, 2015

Garden Tales 07.02.15

A little late for a post but better later than never, right? We'll start with this cutie visiting my parsley when I really need her at the dill's since there's aphids moving in. I tried moving her over but she decided to fly away home. 
Here is a patch of the healthiest cilantro I've ever grown. I let the plants from last season go to seed and left them alone. They're growing all around the tomatoes and we're using them as fast as we can. 
And just in case you're wondering why the tomatoes are a weird color, it's a weird hybrid that I thought would be interesting to have in the garden.
Moving on...I Spy a baby zucchini. Always so exciting when I find one. I'm a pessimist when it comes to the zuchinnis and squash. 
There's even a little hint of red on the raspberries. Can't wait!!!

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