Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Didn't Even Make It

I tried to get into this project. I really wanted to make a 30 Minute Ornament Wreath for under $20.
It took a couple of trips to the stores to find shatterproof ornaments...finally found them at Big Lots.

I forgot to buy the wreath form...and finally made it out to the store today to buy one.

An hour ago, I pulled everything out and CANNOT find my hot glue gun. Ugh! It has been a while since I've needed it and I did re-do my craft room. Question of the day: If you were a hot glue gun, where would you be hiding?

So I am going to lay this project to rest and not even go there. It is no longer a 30 minute project nor is it under $20. And I have no clue where the hot glue gun is hiding. 

 I'm thinking I should have just bought an ornament wreath while I was at Target today. I came home and @Targetdoesitagain rubbed it in on Instagram with this...
I am not heading back out to the store *insert foot stomp*...except maybe I should return those ornaments and the wreath form. 
OR maybe the next time I hit the craft store, I should buy another glue gun and get a head start on Christmas 2015!!! Hah! How is your Christmas crafting coming along?

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