Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Wrap-up

If you follow me on Instagram, you would've noticed a lot of time spent time outdoors last week when it was nice out...most of it at baseball games, practice overlaps and walking Diego. Seems it's what spring break is all about with high school athletes. I'm not complaining, it was actually really nice to slow down and catch some games as well as walking the trails at the high school. Rainy days though, we were all like Diego...looking outside and wanting it to warm up. I did use that time to go through 6 boxes of products - new and re-stocks!!!
Saturday, the boys had the day off from sports so we let them sleep in and I spent the time in the kitchen baking before heading to a friend's for a baptism party. Check out my big boys supervising all the younger ones in the playroom. It's what happens when you're the oldest kids in the FRamily! Totally wishing I had taken a group picture of all the kids but I was busy chatting and I'm sure there are pics floating around somewhere.
Sunday, varsity had morning practice so we attended early mass before heading to practice. Hubby and I brought Diego along so we could walk the trails with him while we waited for practice. It was so nice out and only an hour long practice. We walked the cross country trail and marveled at how the kids run it in under 30minutes. We walked for an hour and only made it through the first 2 miles...we did also stop and let Diego run to his heart's content at the top of the hill.
All in all it was a wonderful and restful weekend. Now it's back to reality, lots of games, practices, travel and back to back crop weekends! I hope to see you at one of them :)

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