Monday, April 17, 2017

Weekend Wrap-up

Finally finding a few moments to come back to the blog. I'm going to go back a few weekends to when I had the opportunity to spend a weekend with the girls at Purity Springs. This is an amazing event if you haven't checked it out...they actually start on a Tuesday and go through Sunday!!! I have the best space ever...right next to the shuttle pick-up door, ideal for meeting and chatting with all the scrappers.
I also love the fact that White Mountain Laser is there for the weekend and I took the opportunity to get some custom sign work done.
Yes it did snow while I was there, a little over a foot and business went on as usual. There was a shuttle to get you to the restaurant for meals and staff was on hand to help clean off cars and shovel. Although by Sunday, it was warm enough the snow just slid off the top of the cars and there was minimal shoveling.
 The resort was closed for skiing but it didn't stop some very determined skiers...they snow shoed up and skied down! Some of the scrappers even took the opportunity to sled. It looked like a lot of fun. Note to self: if snow is in forecast next year, pack snow pants!

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