Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Project share

Pulling this out from the archives since I never did share it on here last year. I made this Beer Advent, an idea I got after months of searching for the perfect gift for my husband's 40th birthday and found a RUM advent but was way over priced. I took myself to the packie (liquor store) that stocked single bottles and asked for help choosing 24 different beers. The guy in the store gave me the weirdest looks and after they understood what I wanted, he dove in and actually seemed to enjoy picking out 24 bottles for me. He also gave me a box for that fit all 24 bottles and carried the whole thing to the car for me. Once home, I covered the top of the box with brown paper, added some washi tape and made numbered bottle caps...simple process of circles, scalloped circles that I folded up and glued them on.

Inspired, I used Echo Park's Dad paper pack and made a mini album to go with the advent. The idea was that we would take a picture of each bottle and hubby could critique the beer of the day.
 A year later, I am still waiting for him to hand over the pictures. He took them and made notes know! Most importantly, he loved the gift, took the photos AND took notes, right? This year, I didn't get as creative but did manage to get tickets to a play of one of his favorite movies, The Little Shop of Horrors!

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