Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

It was so such a treat to spend the weekend at Point Sebago resort with a great group of scrappers. The ladies were awesome and the weather was perfect. Thank you ladies for a wonderful weekend! I am so glad I managed to get up there on Thursday for an early start as I had to pack up Saturday evening. Here is an outside and inside view. 
My Distressed Crazy Birds was a hit! Check out this great group of ladies inking away.
Sunday was a quiet day spent with my boys...we broke out the dominoes and had a fun game. Funny story...D and I were all about matching dominoes while J had learned the fine skills of counting tiles (there are six of each number) and at the end killed us with his skills. Next time we play, I'll have to try my hand at that skill unless of course it's in those Puerto Rican genes!

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