Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Wrapup

What beautiful weather we had this past weekend! We worked in the yard all Saturday morning and then decided that we needed a little fun so we packed it in and headed to our favorite state park. We took the canoe and got some fishing in. I caught a teeny tiny fish and D decided to use it as bait. I kept telling him he wouldn't catch anything...and within 20 seconds of casting he yelled that he had a BIG FISH. Ummm...yeah he did indeed catch a big fish. I went to grab (he fell off the hook) him so we could take pictures and realized he had TEETH when he bit me. DH and J were out on the canoe while D and I stayed on shore. Needless to say I will be double checking fishes before I pick them out!
On Sunday, we went over to a friend's house for a pig roast. The boys (big, small and tiny) had a blast playing football and soccer while the ladies cheered them on. What is it with adult men that turns them into little kids the minute a ball comes out? LOL...DH getting ready to tackle D in this pic!

And best of all, getting a picture of my nephew and hanging out with my friend's baby...both sporting onesies I made for them :) Well my nephew isn't 'cos the hunk-a-chunk doesn't fit in the 3-6mth onesie 😳
Have a wonderful Monday!!!

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