Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Recap

The kids are back in school and it's back to work for me as well. I did take some of July and most of August off. I'm back and have quite a few things to share with you. I thought I'd start off easy here on the blog with a little recap of our summer...this summer we made our way to Malaysia to visit family and friends. Here's a pic of my boys with their great-grandmother. I love that there is a picture of a younger her in the background. We stayed for 2 weeks and included a whirlwind trip to KL and Singapore. As always we got back and wished we had stayed longer.
There was ONE beach trip...hoping to get one or two more in before it gets too cold and sports start up again.
Ice cream was on the menu A LOT. Even Diego got in on that and his favorite is Madulka's on the lake.
The vegetable garden survived the summer...thanks to our awesome house sitter...and provided us with plenty of fresh goods.
There was plenty of time spent with my boys...trying to get shots from different angles and I think I like this one.

There was also fishing, canoeing, shopping, home projects, video games, hikes, walks, grilled pizzas, etc. Here's to a great summer 2015...hope yours was wonderful and full of memories. Now onto scrapping those memories!

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