Friday, February 13, 2015

My Scrap Process

Ever wonder my personal scrapbooking process? What goes on when I work on my own pages? Everyone works differently and I thought I'd share mine. It all starts with me sitting in front of the computer for hours looking through photos. I pick out important events (birthday etc) and the ones with stories to tell. While I'm looking at the pics, I copy the ones that are scrap-worthy to a different folder and jot down the event plus # of pages (1 page or 2 page layout). This list is typed up and it's the map of a year's album.

I then get the photos printed, and kitted. What do I mean by kitted? I spend a little time putting together photos, papers, embellishments and sometimes an idea/sketch together in a baggie. This way when I have a small window between to-do's and must-do's, I can pull a baggie out and get a page or two done.

Everything gets inked...if you've taken one of my classes, you've heard me say, "I ink everything that's not moving!"
If it's an event that I'm scrapping for both boys, I will scrap 2 pages at the same time. Similar photos (highlighting them), same layout, same products - kill two birds with one stone.
Questions? Ask away!

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