Friday, March 3, 2017

You Go Girl! Canvas Class at home

A friend of mine and I have been talking about me teaching her daughter and some friends my You Go Girl! canvas class and we finally settled on a date. I went over to her house last tuesday, vacation week here in MA, and had 2 mom's plus 6 girls in attendance. We set up a work table and a prep table. I got everyone started on their canvases and then helped them choose a doll, quote and outfit individually...I also did the stamping for them. It made for a very smooth class and everyone had a great time.
Each time I teach this class, I walk away so impressed by the talent and creativity that it brings out. No two canvases ever comes out the same even though they were presented with the same materials to work with. There's even one here that looks like it has a watercolor background!
If you are on the fence about taking this class, you really do not need any experience with the materials. You just need your sense of adventure and a willingness to get dirty. There's really nothing to get to try your hand at mixed media without having to invest in the materials and walk away with a beautiful custom canvas!

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