Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend wrap-up

I had a blast at Scrap-A-Way's Mom n Me crop. It was a pleasure sharing new tricks with such talented and creative ladies. The girls were up for everything I threw their way including getting totally messy with inks and a water sprayer.
Even the mom's got in on the action with a request that I teach them the class I designed for their daughters! Some of the girls came in to take the class again with their moms because they loved it so much. So sweet!

Thank you ladies for a wonderful snowy weekend. I made it home with 20 minutes to spare before heading back out to a hockey game followed by a 8pm bonus I forgot to mention baseball practice. Here's a pic of my trusty sidekick waiting with me...with the air cranked to 78 and his seat warmer on, spoiled brat!

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