Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up

First event of 2015 done and it was a good time, as always, thanks to the Cool Crops Crew! Nashua was a great location and I got to make some new friends and visit with some ahem old friends. Love that it's work and yet not work. There was plenty of space to spread out and I like how my store has evolved. I would love to hear feedback if you have any...there is always room for improvement.
While I was away at Cool Crops, hubby and my younger boy were at a hockey tournament in New York. Some of you had to listen to this new hockey mom talk hockey, thanks for listening. Sunday morning's championship game was a real nail biter, 1 minute left of the game...the score was 4-3 us...and we had 2 players in the penalty guy was out there playing defense...and they won!

If you're keeping score, my older boy stayed home for his own sports schedule. We hired him a driver and they hung out together, pretty cool. He also stayed home as our designated puppy sitter. What a great kid! I even got puppy updates...check it out
Mom...he thinks it's his personal puppy bed!

How was your weekend?

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