Friday, January 9, 2015

I Am...

loving  the family photos we took while at my in-laws over the holidays

enjoying having a puppy in the house even if he has decided paper is delicious and sneaks them from my recycle bin anytime he thinks he won't get caught

freezing in the sub-zero temps we have had all week, and it's continuing into next week

listening to an audiobook, ... by Wilbur Smith

watching Covert Affairs season 3 and Justified season 2...while I scrap, knit and run, not all at the same time

knitting two projects - a hat as my on the go project and a gift baby blanket (shhh don't tell)

prepping for the start of a busy season

organizing the boxes and boxes of papers I have purchased to be made into kits, there really isn't enough hours in the day
plotting ways to simplify and streamline my business, this would mean more kits available!

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