Thursday, December 2, 2010

How do you... ?

So it's the middle of the week.  Life is busy but good.  I am going through my stash and re-organizing.  I am also going through my scrap-away bags and replenishing my "kits".  When I say kits, I mean papers and embellies I have pulled together to go with certain pics so that when I'm at a crop/event, I can pull out a bag and start working right away without looking for the "right" paper or embellies.  Half the work is already done.  If I'm really ahead of my game, I even have sketches or ideas to go with the kits.  All of that goes in rollie tote and I have a tool caddy with with my staples in it.   How do you pack for a crop?  Do you plan ahead or do you bring it all?

Today also, I organized and added a set of rubbermaid drawers (something new I put together) with 4 drawers...2 big and 2 small.  One small has more tools and adhesives (Xyron X, cheetah, glue dots, crop-a-dile, etc).  The other has what I call notions ie bling, buttons, flowers etc.  One of the big drawers holds my journaling cards and alpha letters (all the ones in my stash).  The other has what I have labeled colors ie Mists, stickles, inks and stamps.  I am hoping this set up works so that...

1. I don't have to unpack when I get home from crops, the drawers will just sit next to my desk like it does when I'm away.  Wouldn't that be great? And...
2. I have my stash with me at the crops.  No more thinking, "Oh this would work great but it's at home!"

I'll keep you posted on how it works.

Leave a comment here and tell me.. How do you pack for crops?  Do you plan ahead or do you bring it all? 

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  1. I am always looking for organizational ideas; I bought the 14 x 14 Iris scrapbook case & after a day trip or vacation I put all the mementos of the event in it & label so it is easy to find when I am getting my album, papers & etc ready to scrap.