Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quiet around here!

   It's been quiet on this blog and now it's quiet around my house, between the school hours only that is.  School is back in session and with that, I can now spend a little more time on the computer and less time playing entertainment director, referee and chauffeur ;)  Trying to get back into the swing of things is always tough but I'll get there very very soon.

   I thought I'd pop in today and throw out a small challenge...of the scrapbooking kind.  I haven't scrapped all summer and am itching to get some pages done. me your back to school layouts.  I know they just went back to school yesterday but I haven't scrapped the pics from last year nor the year before and with back to school on my mind...what better layout to put together?  Post a link to your layout or send it to my via e-mail.  I'll even throw in an incentive...a drawing for some goodies for all those who share.  One rule - it has to be a layout freshly done between Sept 1 - 15.

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