Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekend Wrap-up

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day and were treated like royalty. We had a nice quiet weekend where I managed to read a book, eat some really good food that I didn't have to cook and my boys even cleaned part of the house. There were some moments but life would be boring if there weren't any crazy intense moments, right? 
I took some time on Saturday to walk the trails while one of my boys had practice until I was interrupted by the other kid who had left his game jersey in my car and needed it for his game. Do you ever wonder how our kids think their mom's are miracle makers? I was in the middle of the woods and he needed his jersey now or could you just check if it's in your car? *eye roll* It all worked out with a shortened walk...Diego was not happy...and mom to the rescue.
The weekend turned out even quieter when games and practices were re-scheduled due to weather and the boys had tons of homework. One had a take-home test/final and the other had a project complete with presentation board. How many scrapbooking supplies can you identify in this picture?
Bazzill cardstock, Souffle white pen, stickles and he availed himself to all my tools...metal ruler, ATG gun and trimmer.
I did get this gem of a photo of those moments captured where they're the best of friends discussing strategy for a game. One moment at a time, taking it all in even when they're being brats.

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