Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Busy Hands

We embarked on our annual trip to Florida for the Christmas holidays and this year instead of flying, we drove.  We thought it was high time the boys experienced a road trip...mind you they sit in a plane for a 14 hour flight, what difference does 19 hours in a car make.  But it needed to be experienced so off we went.  I taught myself to knit a few weeks before we left and brought along some things to keep my hands busy...a couple balls of yarn and pair of needles.  While the Mr did the bulk of the driving I knitted and taught the boys how to finger knit.
That wasn't enough though...I wanted to document this trip and thought a mini SMASH album would be the perfect size.  I brought everything in a plastic case...slightly bigger than a pencil box and the album.  We worked on it at stops, our destination and during the drive.  Mostly I had Q&A's and recorded everyone's answers.  I took pictures with my iPhone, edited them using the Pic Stitch app and uploaded them for printing using the Printicular app (prints 4x4 at Walgreens). 
Easy Peasy!!!  A little extra touches when we got home and I have a complete travel journal :)  Have you scrapped on the go?  How did you do it?  Would you like to see more pages in the album?  Leave a comment!


  1. What a great idea Siewleng! The memories you saved will be so much fun 20 years from now!!! (Not that I'm rushing any of you!) Your sons will have such wonderful chronicles of their childhood.

  2. Great use of the @Printicular app. See it in action with the iOS and Android app download links here: http://youtu.be/IThRj8RIY1A. Save 25% off your prints for a limited time by using coupon code PARTNER25.