Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Project Diorama

With a 3rd and 5th grader this year, there was no way I was escaping the "Mom, I have a project due" greeting from one of my kids.  Especially when one of them has an awesome teacher that has a project a month for her class.  September was research an animal of your choice then write up a paper, make a diorama of it and its habitat and have a presentation ready.  I can't say I wasn't ready for this older child didn't go through Mrs. G but I knew it was coming.  I had saved shoeboxes and all their toy plastic animals...I told D he could pick any animal as long as we had that animal in the toy box!!!  He chose the tiger and this is what we he made.

You're probably wondering what this has to do with scrapbooking...well lots...
  • The big yellow sun...bazzill paper. 
  • The big giant rock/cave in the back...packaging paper painted with Making Memories acrylic paint (remember those?)
  • Green grassy ground in the background...flock!!!
  • The stream...Tim Holtz distressing inks then diamond glaze on top.
The next time anyone complains about your stash...just point them to my blog, won't you?  It comes in handy when the kiddos have projects due.  Stay tuned for his October project.
And if you're wondering if he did this or mom did was 80% him.  He was the creator and set director.  He told me what he wanted and I told him how he could get the look.  The real grass...that was a total lightbulb moment.  I was so ready to cut out grass on my handy dandy cricut ;)

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