Monday, April 19, 2010


My boys are on spring break this week. Nope we're not going anywhere. I've planned the entire week out and hopefully the weather will be great and we can enjoy our "Earth Week" themed staycation. And since Earth and the 3 R's (Recycle, Re-use and Repurpose) is on the brain, I'd like to know...
What do you do scrapbooking-wise to help with the environment?
Personally, I recycle all my paper scraps and as much packaging as I can. I also save my paper scraps by color to re-use on my scrapbooks. Sometimes it seems like too much but they do come in handy in the cricut. And last but not least, extra embellies and stickers go to my boys who happily craft and scrap with them :)
With 2 boys in the house...I get a lot of recycled art robots. And in case you're wondering...this wonderful piece of art is up for sale in their "store" and is priced at 1 Gazillion dollars (fake money only please) ;)

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